Visit Mojave National Preserve

Mojave National Preserve is 1.6 million rugged acres in a land where hard rain is an episodic event, but peace and solitude are ever present. On the ground, you find dry lakebeds coated with salt dust, grand vistas of hard packed sands covered with creosote plantations, black lava domes, and purple cinder cones that crunch under your feet. Sand dunes around the dry lakebeds launch dust devils into the blue atmosphere, and the monster dunes at Kelso sing a shrill falsetto as wind-driven silica particles shift and shake. At higher altitudes, snow sometimes falls and the world’s largest Joshua tree forests grow, their gnarly branches casting fuzzy shadows under a relentless sun. Rugged four-wheel drive trails provide access to played out mines, and abandoned homesteads wrought free of domestic dreams due to endless drought, remind us of the early explorer’s true grit as they trekked across an amazing desert to reach the cool breezes of the Pacific Ocean.

Artists of all mediums have found solitude, inspiration, and creative energy in this vast land, and you can too. We encourage you to explore, learn, and recharge your personal muse with a visit to Mojave National Preserve.